Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter DPM attempt

I didn't get a lot of painting done over the Easter long weekend.
I took some figures and paint to my in-laws, but found I wasn't in the mood for painting most of the trip.
I did, however, get to try out painting some DPM uniforms on some of my insurgent leaders.
I'm still getting the hang of it, but I'm not dissatisfied with the results.  Particularly the trousers on the right.


  1. Hey mate. David here from the war depot blog. Looks like you're moving along well with your 15mm. Couple of vehicles to paint up by the looks of it. You better get to work!

    I have someone keen on the US Rangers I showed you but I didn't want to sell them off without you having the chance to grab. I know you liked them when you saw them. Let me know if you want me to hold them for you or not.

    We'll have to catch up over a game at BIG. I am intending to go in May and I have the FoF rules as well. My 20mm collection is slowly growing as is my terrain.

  2. Hi Dave
    Yep I'm slowly making my way through the pile of lead.
    Re: the Rangers; I'll let them go. I've got plenty of stuff at the moment, and I'm planning to do more stuff around the Brits in Afghanistan and West Africa.
    I'm still planning to make BIG in May. Next weekend I'm working on the house, but hopefully I can bang out a few more cardboard shanties in time for BIG, the weekend after.

  3. I think a more muted green would help the look. At the moment it doesn't look like a natural colour alongside the other colours used in the camouflage.

    Oter then that, looking good.