Monday, 5 October 2009

It's a girl!

Not a lot going on (on the miniatures front) at the moment, because of the recent arrival of our first-born, "Elora May", on the 15th.

I had vast plans about trying to use a little bit of my leave to get some more painting or terrain done, but it was not to be so.
I addition, my powerbook hard disk up and died so I've lost all previous stuff completely.
New drive now though, so at least I'm up and running again.
Back at work and busy, so I'll leave you with a few delights until I can get into action again...

I've just seen two posts by an amazing 15mm painter over at the Ambush Alley forums.
Check them out!

Also while I've been "offline" Rebel minis have released more Sahadeen!

QRF have also expanded their modern British line (no pics yet, unfortunately).

And finally, the local guys at Flashpoint have pics up of stuff coming into the range:

Vietnam Civilians
The watchtower

and also pictures from the recent playtest of the new rules!


  1. Congratulations! Amedeo, a.k.a. DestoFante Jr., was born on August 30th... it seems a busy time for wargame bloggers!

    Best to you, mom and baby girl!


  2. Thanks very much Adik!
    It does seem to be a busy time as you suggest!
    I trust all is going well with your new addition and that both mother and baby are doing well!
    Apologies that it took me so long to respond. As you're probably more than aware, life gets a little hectic.
    Starting to get some sleeping through the night happening though...yay!!