Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bamboo huts

I thought I'd have crack at making some bamboo huts for south east asian games.
Here is where it is at, at the moment.

I know the CannonFodder figure is quite out of place, but I couldn't find any on my VC in a hurry.

I made a rough cardboard frame and then covered it with a cut-up bamboo placemat.

After fiddling with hobby knives and other cutting devices, I went out to the shed and grabbed the secateurs. Definitely the way to go for cutting up the placemat.

I haven't put in any doors or windows yet, so I think the secateurs will be called out again. I guess I probably should have put them in before I put the placemat onto the frame....

I'm uncertain on what to use for roofing materials. Should I thatch it, or use a corrugated iron roof? Do a number of both?

Anyone have any suggestions on the roofing material decision?


  1. Make a second and do one of each type of roof.

    For doors and windows, you can simply make shutters that happen to be closed at the time and glue them to the outside.

  2. That's not a bad idea.....
    I'll defintely have a think on this.

  3. This is just the job for my huts I wanted to make

  4. Thse huts looks really good that it could actually work for a real size hut. The model looks convincing.