Sunday, 1 August 2010

Main Force VC colours

Well, I finally got a couple of hours this weekend to sit down and do some painting.
Below is a VERY blurry picture of the end result of some work on some of my Flashpoint Main Force VC.  All of the cameras have gone north with my wife, so I'm stuck using the very poor camera in my phone until mid Aug.

If you think these look bad, you should see the three that I need to strip back after my initial colour experiment went HORRIBLY wrong.

Really as a reminder for myself when I get to snatch a few more hours to attack more of these, here are the colours I used in the order that I paint them:

Uniform and bush hat: Dark Angel Green with a light drybrus of Camo Green to lighten the tone.
Webbing : Desert Yellow
Packs, boots and Rice Roll : Graveyard Earth (technically I think the roll should be uniform green, but then it won't stand out from the uniform.)
Skin : Bronzed Flesh with heavy Flesh Wash
Weapons : Chaos Black with light Bolygun Metal drybrush.  Snakebite Leather on the butt, stock and grip.

I'm also going to alternate in some figures with a mix of black items (pants or shirt) along with the uniform green.  The look I'm going for is from the illustrations in Gordon Rottman's Viet Cong Fighter (part of the Osprey Warrior series).  This shows the Main Force troops in a mix of the Green uniform and the traditional black peasant garb.


  1. Good to see you getting some time on the brushes.

    They do not look too bad... Blurry pictures permitting. :)

    Are these for Charlie Don't Surf?

  2. They do look pretty good in the flesh, if I say so myself! ;)
    Needs a bit of a touch up on the "furniture" of the rifles.
    These will actually be for Ambush Valley and Flying Lead (reinforced platoon or less).
    Charlie Don't Surf and Flashpoint Vietnam I'll be doing in 6mm, as these are company sized games.