Thursday, 23 September 2010

Latest Ambush Alley purchases

Well I just picked up Tomorrow's War and Operation Uruzgan from Ambush Alley.
A quick skim of Tomorrow's War and there's a lot of material in there. 
 Like any ruleset attempting to provide a toolkit to model all sorts of sci-fi settings, they've included a lot of content to model your favourite settings.  A lot to consume over the 102 pages....
I should note though the pre-release doesn't contain the "eye-popping" art and photography promised in the Osprey edition, it's still no slouch in the presentation stakes.

Operation Uruzgan also looks excellent.  Now if only Flashpoint or Eureka would ever get around to producing their modern Australian Infantry in 15mm! 
Luckily for the time being; the book has a guide to converting to British and US troops.
In my quick skim I was quite taken by this note at the end of the first scenario, "Render Safe":

For those Australians using Operation: Uruzgan; a humorous mini scenario can be played using this scenario template and substituting the VBIED and the EOD operator for an Army Major trying to locate and purchase a hair dryer for a visiting Prime Minister.....

That's gold.....


  1. I hope the major was female or I will have serious concerns.

  2. Operation Urz is a good read and has some really nice alternate rules.

    I have not yet played with the prerelease of TW but the rules are very straight forward and typical of AAG they use the same mechanics of the FOF. I was highly pleased with it.

  3. @Beccas: the mini game refers to this incident from our previous prime minister (now foreign minister in the current government) - Kevin Rudd Throws Hair Dryer Tantrum

  4. @ArmChairGeneral: Yep I've just got them printed, and I've got 45 minutes on the train home to start reading properly. Only problem is that I'm not sure I have enough sci-fi stuff in my pile of lead to pull together a decent game!
    I'm sure I shall successfully resist the urges to get more....