Wednesday, 20 October 2010

6mm Napoleonic Skirmish - Awesome!

Check out this fantastic 6mm game of Songs of Drums and Shakos!
Tiny but looks great!
tempting.....very tempting......


  1. You know you want to! Just give in..

  2. Guilty as charged!
    and now that I understand what you did with the distances (increased them? Madness!) there really are no further barriers.
    I have another window open perusing 6mm napoleonic manufacturers right now!

  3. For true 6mm scale I think Baccus is the best hands down. Peter's new sculpts are incredible. He's revamping the entire line and so far I know the Brits and Spanish are completely new. Check on the Baccus site to see full status.

    Although the castings are not as nice, I have some strange fascination with Irregular. The one thing I like about them is the way they are based, all facing forward including cavalry.