Friday, 6 January 2012

Falklands Reading Material

Whilst up late one night before I finished up work last year, I ordered a number of used books on-line relating to the Falklands War. 
While I was away, the packages piled up at work, so I actually had a reason to come back to work this year (mortgages and feeding children aside....).

Most of these were selected for their relative cheapness more than anything else, although I believe "Goose Green" by Mark Adkin was recommended in one of the TFL Specials.
The two larger format books I ordered because I figured that they would have a number of pictures that would be useful in envisioning men, machines and terrain for the conflict (I was only 5 when the war took place).  Having a quick skim, this certainly appears to be the case. 
There are a few more books that I would like to get, including "No Picnic" by Julian Thompson, but I'm going to have to wait until I can save some more money.
Keen for any recommendations that others may have on this, particularly for good texts presenting the Argentinian perspective.

I also picked up a couple more Don Featherstone books (Battle Notes for Wargamers and the Victorian Colonial Warfare book on India), as I've been quitely collecting many of his books over the last 6 months.

Now to sneak them home without my wife noticing........


  1. Thye journalist Max Hastings (the guy who walked into Port Stanely hours before the official umbrela armed only with an umbrella) wrote an excellent book about the war.

    If I remember correctly, Max Hastings might be mentioned in a few of those toher books. Especially the ones written by other journalists. He sometimes takes a bit of a pounding in those books. He ruffled quite a few journalistic feathers with his little scoop.

    Don't let these other authors put you off. His account is a good read. Well worth it. But not, however, as good as Goose Green. That's written in the same style as Black Hawk Down, with the course of the battle been told by individual accounts from various combatants in their own words (including Argentinians) pieced together in a rough chronology.

  2. Thanks for the pointers Dangerous Brian!
    It's funny that you mention Max Hastings book, as it's the one in the stack just above "Goose Green", and I've actually selected it as the first one to go through.
    Only managed to knock off the first chapter last night; a very good synopsis of the history of the discovery of the Falklands and the claims that both parties have.
    I'm quite enjoying it!

    Based on your recommendation, I think Goose Green will be the next read.

  3. Hello!

    I am currently reading Max Arthur's "Above All, Courage" and about 300 pages into it. I really enjoy it as it is a collection of personal accounts in their own words with Max Arthur only editing them.

    On my blog is my Falklands War reading list. If there is any of them you want to know more about that I have read, I could you a quick summary.

    I would highly encourage you to read Hugh Bicheno's "Razor's Edge." Probably the best book over all on conflict and he does not hold back on anything. I did a book review of it on my blog as well.

    I would also would recommend Middlebrook's "Argentine Fight For the Falklands" for the Argentine view point. I got Kon's book which is an Argentine book that was translated into English and will probably be the next book that I will read.



  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I also second "Goose Green" as a very good read.


  5. Hi Sapper Joe!
    I came across your list just recently. I also have "Above All, Courage" in the stack, so it's good to have that one confirmed.
    Sounds like I need to chase down the Middleton and Bichenko Books.
    Nice stuff on your blog by the way.
    The Childrens Slide / Rocket Pod is an amazing find, as is that photo of Top Malo!

  6. Gah! I suppose it's my own fault for looking at the binding rather then reading the authors names.

    Thanks Sapper Joe for those references. Especially Middlebrooks.

  7. I obviously need more sleep!
    That should be Middlebrook and Bicheno, not "Middleton and Bichenko"!