Friday, 4 May 2012

Heroics and Ros Soviet Airborne

Here's a pack I had hidden in the cupboard since last year; the M7 Soviet Airborne Troops code from Heroics and Ros.
Upon opening it, I've found some great figures which open up a number of "paint" conversion options.
This is also an interesting pack of figures as, unlike most of the rest of the H&R moderns lines, it includes heavy weapons with regular infantry.
But enough of that!  What's in the pack? (click the pics for a bigger image)

Infantry -    All sporting the padded cloth helmet.  Four strips of these.
Heavy Weapons - DShK and SPG-9 with associated crews.  2 strips of these.
Heavy Weapons - Mortar and Sniper.  2 strips of these.
Heavy Weapons - ATGM teams (AT-4 maybe?) 1 strip of these.
It's a nice balanced pack in my view and a number of the figures (especially the sniper) in my view have utility as a range of different troops in different conflicts.  Hopefully more on that in the coming weeks as I experiment with them....

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