Sunday, 29 July 2012

Argentine Infantry Work in Progress

Here is one of my unpainted Argentine infantry sections accompanied by a bazooka team (click for a larger image).
These guys have been languishing in the cupboard for the better part of the last month since I originally based and undercoated them while various things have prevented me from getting them finished off.
They're next off the line though, before I go back to finish the unpainted UK Marines.

Here's the rest of the current understrength company.  I still need another platoon to bring it up to full strength, and it's missing any mortar support.
The missing figures for the final platoon will be ordered from Heroics and Ros this coming month (August), and hopefully I can get the Brits finished off before polishing off that final platoon.

Mortars for both sides are not done yet because I want to model some digging in around them, and I'm not entire sure how exactly I want to proceed with that.  There are some very evocative images of pits cut into the peat to get down to solid matter for the base plate that I want to have a shot at doing.  Maybe some trials later....

I've been a little stalled on the Falklands project overall.
I'd been reading "Above All, Courage" and the firsthand accounts of the attack on the RFA Sir Galahad from Guardsmen, Navy Pilots and medical staff had been quite confronting.  Coupled with stresses from work I had temporarily shelved the whole thing. 

 Now that I've managed to bite the bullet and get some figures moving again I picked up the book again this morning over breakfast on the deck here at home.  This time it was accounts from 2 Para (Chris Keeble and John Crossland, with a few more to go) from the section of the book on Darwin and Goose Green, and they've helped to push me back on again.
Certainly recommend this book, full of interesting little details and the realities (as far as I can judge) of war.

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