Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Irregular Miniatures for MicroDux - Dark Ages range

I recently placed an order with Ian at Irregular for a range of figures for a number of projects I have planned. I have always liked Irregular's range, but their fixed basing can sometimes prove problematic. Below are a few picks from their Dark Ages range.

DA35 - Barbarian Foot Generals
Two stands per code. I think these will be quite useful.

DA27 -Varangian/Saxon/Russian heavy axemen 
Not bad figures, but the "close" basing makes them unsuitable for re-basing.

DA27 - Saxon Spearmen
Again, quite nice figures, but the close basing makes them unsuitable for my Dux Brit project.

The size of some of the Irregular ranges can vary range to range. It looks like the Irregular Dark Ages stuff is a good match against the Heroics and Rose figures. Here's a quick comparison between the Irregular Barbarian Generals and one of the H&R MD4 Saxon Fyrd strips:

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