Monday, 29 October 2012

More Dark Age Buildings

I had my order come in from The BaggageTrain late last week.
I picked up three different items; their "Saxon port with riverbank" (more on that in another post) as well as some of their "Sub Roman houses" and "Sub Roman Great Hall".

Here is a pic comparing the round Celtic Hut from Timecast, a hut from the Irregular Miniatures Maori Pa scenic pack, and the Sub Roman House from Baggage Train.  I have put the Irregular and Baggage train models on a stack of card to bring the level up to roughly the same as the thick base on the Timecast hut, and included my Romano British Leader for scale reference. Click the image for a closer look.

The Irregular item is smaller, but not unusably so in my book (or perhaps the other two are too big?...)
Here is the Baggage Train Great Hall vs. the same Leader.  It is a monster that will be the centrepiece of a large Village or Hill Fort.

We now return you to more WW2 miniatures...

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