Monday, 28 April 2014

I was wrong

I never thought I'd reach this place.
I have derided others who took this path.
I was wrong.
20mm ... plastics ... it's great but I still feel dirty......


  1. If you want a ton of cheap British WW2 plastics, contact me at infoatmorningstar at gmail dot com.

    You can see what I'm getting rid of (among other things) here:

  2. Thanks A-Historian - I've shot you an email!

  3. Thanks Jon
    Absolution was definitely necessary!

  4. my general order of preference when available is plastic > resin > metal

    For wargaming purposes I appreciate the durability of plastics. Used to be, you had to sacrifice some level of detail for that benefit, but today's stuff is getting increasingly ridiculous in its quality.

  5. I'd agree with you there tacobat.
    I'd certainly have far less concerns about these figures dropping off the table.
    One thing I like about these figures is that they are pretty much single part. I REALLY dislike multi-part figures as I lack the skill to make them look like anything other than a random collection of limbs at odd angles.

  6. The main thing to remember is that any and all of the figures we collect and paint and play with are simply game markers. we may have tons of fun looking at them, comparing detail, discussing painting techniques - but what it all comes down to is what makes you happy. I've seen poor guys who were barely able to paint their little plastic toys have as much fun as collectors with the finest collections of legant miniatures. The other great truth I've learned n more than fifty years of collecting and gaming is that you really need a plan for whatever you do. Collecting for a specific period? Are their figures and terrain available to carry out the plan? Can you acquire them at the expense you can afford?

    Anyway, have tons of fun with this project.

    The Celtic Curmudgeon

    "Grumpy is good."

  7. Jerry
    I think you have hit the nail on the head here.
    I came to a point where I realised I was trying to push a square peg into a round hole and wasn't enjoying it.
    I still love 6mm, but for skirmish sized games I needed something larger. Larger even than the 15mm figures I had. But I couldn't afford to go to 28mm. 20mm plastic gives me a large enough figure at an affordable price point and that's why I've moved in this direction.

  8. There's a lot about 1/72 that makes sense. I ended up liking 15mm better, so I have two very reinforced platoons of fully painted 1/72 Germans and Russians looking for a new home. Anyone wants to make an offer, email pigasuspig at yahoo dot com.