Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bases Arrive!

Yesterday my package of bases from Back-to-Base-ix arrived.
These are several hundred pieces of 3mm MDF in a range of sizes and shapes.

 Last night I sat down and liberated a sprue's worth of the RedBox Ikko Ikki from their plastic chains and stuck them down on 20mm round bases.  A nice fit I think. Tonight's plan is to texture the bases and hopefully undercoat tomorrow.

 Here is my plan for the WW2 figures:
  • 20mm round for single figures.
  • 40mm round for prone figures.
  • 50mm round for weapons teams


  1. Have you washed the models? Unlike hard plastic or metal models, it's important to get the releasing agent off these ones, so a quick once over with diluted fairy liquid or vinegar is important to stop the paint cracking and flaking. Vinegar also pits the model, giving more of a key to the paint.

  2. Hiya A-Historian!
    I did actually give these (and the WW2 Brits) a good wash in washing-up liquid.
    I've also done a quick test spray with my standard rattle can primer to make sure that it doesn't eat the plastic or anything strange.
    I've never heard of the vinegar trick - I'll give that a go.
    Thanks for the tips!