Thursday, 31 January 2008

I received my first 6mm miniatures this week, ordered from the good guys at Eureka Miniatures, who manufacture Irregular here in Australia. As always, everything was very prompt and well done.

I ordered all the bits and pieces for 2 opposing armies (a Peoples Popular Front and a Colonial) under the AK47 Republic rules from Peter Pig. Although AK47 is technically 15mm I know that some folks play it at 6mm, and I was keen to give that a try.

In fact, AK47 was the trigger for me give 6mm a try. I've been keen to give the game a thorough go, but it was proving expensive to pull together 2 opposing armies (so that I could demo to others and encourage some engagement) in 15mm.

I had assembled 200points from each side, ready for a trial at 15mm, but with 6mm I had the two 500 point forces shipped to my door for under AU$65!

Here's what I got:
10 x MAF05 Open Backed Lorry with separate cover
3 x MAF30 Saracen APC
1 x MAF38 Generic Infantry advancing in peaked cap (3)
1 x MAF39 Generic Infantry firing in peaked cap (3)
1 x MAF44 US M48 MBT
3 x MAF62 Bareheaded Insurgent Infantry (3)
1 x MAF63 Bareheaded Insurgents with rocket launcher (3)
1 x VN01 US/ARVN Infantry in helmet, advancing (3)
1 x VN04 US/ARVN Mortar and crew (3)
1 x VN06 US/ARVN Grenade Launcher and two assistants (3)
1 x VN07 US/ARVN Command Group (3)
1 x VN11 NVA Infantry advancing (3)
1 x VN14 NVA Mortar and crew (3)
1 x VN16 NVA Rocket Launcher and two assistants (3)
1 x VN17 NVA Command Group (3)
4 x WWTA41 Recce Jeep
2 x WWTB42 Bofors Gun on Lorry
2 x WWTB55 Towed 5.5" Gun

Photos to follow later in the week once I get them taken and get set up with Flickr or some other image archive.

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