Sunday, 22 June 2008

Bits and pieces from my latest order

Because there isn't a lot of photos of Irregular Miniatures stuff around the place, I'm trying to make sure that I take photos and post everything that I get my hands on.
The last order I place with Eureka was a mixed bag.
I needed to get the final 3 figures I needed for my ranger chalk, but it wasn't worth just getting those sent up. I perused the site and picked up a miscellaneous assortment of "things that will come in handy" to make it worth the postage.
Below is the final grenadier and my two M249 SAWs for the ranger chalk. I also picked up the cameraman and reporter from the Irregular 15mm Riot range as I figure that will come in handy for a few scenarios for Ambush Alley.

I also needed to pick up some tows for my 5.5" Guns for the 6mm AK47 project, so I got a couple of Matador trucks. These were the original vehicle used to tow these guns in World War II, so I figured they were appropriate. I also grabbed some Recoiless Rifle teams from the Vietnam Range. These should slot nicely into my AK47 armies as an alternative weapon to provide more firepower.

I was keen to try to get some civilians for Ambush Alley, so I ordered the Arab Civilians from Irregular's colonial range. These would probably be really well suited to an Afghan game, but since I've ended up with african militia for Ambush Alley, these really don't fit. Although they will see further life as Pulp figures, especially the bloke in the fez 2nd from left. Due to an ordering mistake I also ended up with 2 Austrian Dragoons (NC121 instead of FZ121). Not sure what I'll do with them, but here they are for completeness.

Finally, I wanted to scope out doing Fantasy in 6mm (probably using the Hordes of the Things rules), so I picked up a strip of Dwarf Warriors from the Irregular 6mm range. They're really quite good, but tiny! They're in 6mm AND DWARFS! I also picked up a 6mm Ground Zero Games Mini-Bug. I want to use these as the antagonists in a 15mm sci-fi game. Think Starship Troopers.

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