Monday, 23 June 2008

A Game....Finally!

Brad came over on Sunday afternoon, and we managed to muddle our way through the first scenario (Contacting Trouble) from the Ambush Alley rules.

Play was slow and painful with many rules missed and dropped along the way.

Insurgent player managed to pull of some excellent reinforcement roles that saw 8+ Insurgents blocking each of the escape routes for the Marines and Contractors.The US won, but suffered high casualty rates, and we weren't sure in the end if they should have made it out of contact with the number of casualties they were carrying.

I'm clear now that I have a lot of reading up to do. The interruption rules that seemed so straight forward when I've read them previously became confusing on the table. The biggest problem was that I hadn't looked at the rules for a couple of months, and 10 minutes read beforehand was inadequate.

I'm planning to trying the single player variant rules over the next few weeks to firm up the mechanics before I unleash the game on anyone else.

Took some pics at the end of the game of last mauled US fireteam escaping off-board:

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