Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Back to 15mm!

I've made a fatal error in doing the vehicles for the 2nd 6mm army before the infantry.
One look at all of those fiddly infantry sitting in the box, and I lost the will to go on.
My problem is that I enjoy playing with infantry armies (tank battles have always left me rather cold), but I hate painting them. A tank is a lot easier to paint and have it end up looking like a tank.
So in order to save my sanity I'm doing some more 15mm work.
A friend is looking to do some 15mm scifi skirmish, and I remembered that I had an old Quick Reaction Force Israeli platoon bag that I'd put aside to paint up "scifi" at some stage.
So I've based up a section (more on that later - trying something new), and put together a Commando (they always look the business) and also a chinese Type 70 (also QRF) beacuse what's a scifi game without missiles going everywhere ala Robotech???
Here's some pics:
From 15mm Modern

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