Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Attempt at a new way to base....

Since my efforts with basing my 15mm stuff for Ambush Alley (see here), I am still not happy that I have a good method of doing this.
My approach then was to use Selleys Liquid Nails to adhere the miniature to the washer, and then use a filler to fill in around the base on the washer. The problem is that the filler doesn't really achieve the correct hardness that I'm seeking. I probably need a different product, one that does harden up properly (months later it's still soft).
At the time, Eltnot suggested that the Liquid Nails does achieve the correct consistency. With that in mind, I tried using extra Liquid Nails on the washer and attempting to spread it once the figure was in place.
The bottom line? It was sticky and messy, but the end result was exactly what I wanted.

From 15mm Modern

Once it started to harden, I could easily trim away any excess using a blade.
I tried this on the Israelis I posted earlier, and I'm going to try it again today on my SAW gunners and TV crew for Ambush Alley. I'm a bit put off by the mess (particularly my fingertips afterwards), but the end result might just be worth it

I'll leave you with this image of a fireteam patrolling to protect a significant Glue Storage Facility.....

From 15mm Modern


  1. I didn't say it was lean and tidy, I just said it worked...

    Between Liquid Nails and Gaff tape, you can pretty much do anything.

  2. I have had success with the old chupa-chupa stick for moving around the liquid nails goop and with a little water can seem to shape it nicely.

    Worth a try.

  3. Interesting that you mention water, as the tube indicates that it's soluable in turpentine.
    Just been to the Selleys website, and it looks like they have a water-soluable variant called Liquid Nails Fast.
    Is this the one you're using?

  4. I currently use (by accident) the high strength stuff.

    The water doesn't seem to make it easier to work, just helps prevent tool stick.

    Last thing you want is a sticky tool.

    That doesn't sound quite right...

  5. Cool
    Well I think I'm all based up for the moment on 15mm.
    I still have a significant number of Cannon Fodder militia based for AK-47 that I'll need to re-base for AA, so I'll try the "damp stick technique" on them!