Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Well, despite my best intentions, the blog has been quiet for a little while.
I have been doing some things in the background. The 6mm stuff hasn't progressed at all, but I have gotten copies of the Ambush Alley Rules and expansion books. I'm taken with the scenarios, so that game has been receiving all of the focus.
Re-basing my 15mm AK-47 figures has been the main focus.
I'm still trying to get a fix on it, but I've gotten a few done now. Just need to get on with the painting!

What I've done is glue the miniature to a washer, then backfill with acrylic filler. Having done this for a few figures now, I think the best way to go is simply to use the filler (or a thick glue) to attach the miniature to the washer initially, rather than backfilling.

The use of masking tape on the bottom of the washer was a relevation I picked up from the web - I used cling wrap when I was glueing the figures to the washers, and it wasn't very successful. I had to make sure that I separated it before the bond got too strong. The tape however seems very good.

I'll need to look at other options for the filler material; the filler is still tacky 48h later!


  1. You could try liquid nails to glue the models on. Simply squirt some out and use fingers or a matchstick to apply it to the miniature. Dries a fair bit quicker than 48 hours. I found tubes of it for $3-4 at Bunnings.

  2. That's (liquid nails) actually what the figures were glued to the washers with before I did the backfill. It works quite well, and I think the technique of applying it to the washer all in one hit is the way to go.
    I actually bothered to read the tube of "no-more-gaps"-ey stuff that I used for the backfill, and it actually says 72h. Liquid nails is the future, but because it dries quite quickly, it's not a good product for fiddly filling after....I think....