Wednesday, 21 May 2008

More 15mm US

Well, I've completed all of the 15mm US that I have.
The photo below isn't the best, but I needed to get it up to prove that it's done.

I changed to a sandy colour on the base, and I'm planning to add some sand, etc. to the base to bring it up to scratch.
I've never based anything before!
When I originally painted the first figure, I gave him sand coloured boots on the brown soil. My intent had always been to use Bestial Brown for the boots and sandy soil, and that's what I've done with these. Not sure about this now - I think the sand boot looked better. Need further research on the issue boot at the time.

I still need to get two M249 SAW gunners and another M203 grenadier to complete my Ranger chalk, and then it will be time to try to get the militia painted..........

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