Wednesday, 14 May 2008

3-pattern Attempt

Had a crack at the 3-pattern Desert BDUs tonight.
Pretty chuffed with how it came out; compared with my normal painting standard.

The colour scheme listed out below. All of my paints are Games Workshop because that's what I have kicking around at home after my early days of playing 40k.

Dry-brush of Kommando Khaki across most of the model.
Very light dry brush in selected areas of Goblin Green (for the green areas).
Thin lines of Scorched Brown using a fine brush in selected areas.
Webbing in Catachan Green.
Hands and face in Dwarf Flesh.
Rifle in Chaos Black with a Boltgun Metal drybrush.
Boots in Bestial Brown.


  1. That looks fantastic mate. Get a group of them together as a squad and take another few photos.

    Most excellent. :)

  2. Very nice, as lord gumby states, "Gives us more..."