Wednesday, 1 October 2008

15mm Israeli / Sci-Fi / Indonesian?

So apparently I'm an ideas man!
Still no actual progress on the many 15mm insurgents I have to paint, and no work on the 6mm Ak-47 infantry, but I found the muse to bash this out:
From 15mm Sci-Fi

It's one of the Quick Reaction Force 1980s Israelis.

The colour scheme is actually very similar to the 1980s Kopassus (Indonesian Special Forces) camouflage, and I'm hoping to do some what-if modern skirmish involving Indonesian forces some time in the future. I also think it looks suitably sci-fi, although I think the weapon needs some further work with colour.
Here's another shot that highlights the issue with the weapon in my view.
From 15mm Sci-Fi

As always, heaped praise or useful criticism is always welcome.....

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