Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Matchbox DC3 / C47 stand in

I've been looking for an appropriately sized DC-3 (C-47 in military service) to use in the post war african games as an objective, and also to possibly use for air drops in other games.
At the moment, the best I can find with the current exchange rate is about AU$47 once it arrives in Australia.
However, down at the local supermarket last night I located a Matchbox aircraft resembling the DC-3.
From 6mm AK47 Republic

A quick bit of research on the actual size of the DC-3 reveals that the matchbox is pretty much a 1:200 scale model rather than 1:300, but for AU$2.99 I'm prepared to wear the scale issue until I can afford something a bit better.

It will need a re-paint and I'll also need to probably clip off the rear wheel ( and possibly replace the front wheels), but as a stand-in I don't think it's too bad.
Photos are from my phone camera as I ran out the door this morning, so it's probably best to view them at low-res.
From 6mm AK47 Republic

From 6mm AK47 Republic

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