Monday, 20 October 2008

New 6mm Order

I sold some of my old (late 80s/early 90s) eldar models to Eltnot for an army he's putting together. I'm sure he'll put something up on his blog when he gets the chance to show them off. Plus he'll be doing a far better paint job than I could, so they're better off in his hands.

This left me with some cash, so I blew it all on another order to Eureka to satisfy my 6mm urges. I've gotten the email that they're in the post, so I'm hanging out for the mail each day.

I'm sampling a lot of their vietnam range. All of the VC infantry types plus Green Berets, Montagnards, Australians, etc. I figure these will all (except the VC) work well enough in African conflicts. Plus it gives me the option to look at french vs. Viet minh as well as US vs VC/NVA. Also getting a Huey and a PBR to add some variety and flexibility for scenarios.

In Moderns, I'm getting some modern US for the Humvees, and some brits to see if they're 1990+ style, or a bit more 1980 (for Falklands)

Also sampling their 6mm Brit paras and German grenadiers for 6mm FoW, etc. I'm getting about 5 selections from each side (command, basic infantry, LMG, HMG, mortar, PIAT/Panzerschreck). As a first 6mm World War 2 project, I'd like to recreate some of the D-Day battles, particularly Pegasus Bridge.

Finally, basic infantry for some fantasy races; about 5 or 6 races as a sample. The dwarf strip I got last time had amazing detail - much better standard that some of the moderns!

Plus some other stuff besides! As always, I'll be posting batches of images so you can check them out.

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