Thursday, 2 October 2008


Today I picked up some FAVs (Fast Attack Vehicles - aka dune buggies with guns)
From 6mm modern

and some HMMWV's (Humvees)
From 6mm modern

I won them in an eBay auction recently. The gentleman who was selling was getting out of 6mm, and I couldn't pass up the chance to pick up some 6mm modern locally!
Here is the whole lot:
From 6mm modern

I'm not sure how Luke the seller managed to get all 38 sitting in neatly like they were when he gave them to me!
I definitely plan to get some 6mm modern US to go with these, and I have firm plans to use them to play out some larger Mogadishu-style actions to complement the smaller Ambush Alley games.
Here's a quick pick showing one of the HMMWV's with some of the my 6mm AK-47 Militia (apologies for the lighting):
From 6mm modern

By the way, these vehicles are from the "Heroics and Ros" 6mm range, which is now produced under license by Navwar


  1. That is a very nice collection of 6mm vehicles.

    Let's give them a run! :)

  2. I'm keen too!
    The quality is very nice.
    I've got to finish the current projects, but these are definitely going to see a lot of action in the future!