Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas Loot!

As promised (and because it's also an easy first post for the new year), I give you :

The Christmas Loot

First up, some air support for my AA/FoF games:

Three Night Hawks (I'll probably drop the mods back to a typical Black Hawk) and an Apache.

Two M2 Bradley's and an Humvee Troop Carrier from QRF:

The Bradleys were inspired by reading House to House.  The Humvee was because you always need more!

Next up are 3 Pinzgauer trucks and a bag each of the new command and grenadier modern british figures from QRF.  Together with the figures I purchased last year, I can pull together a 8 british fire teams + some additional command; and with the Pinz and the earlier land rovers, they don't need to walk everywhere!

Below we have a platoon (3 sections and a command section) of Egyptians to be re-purposed as Iraqis for FoF.  It will also give me th opportunity to drag out some T-55 tanks I have kicking around.  I'll be attempting to keep these fairly generic for use as a general arabic army of the period.

I'll leave it at that for the moment.

Coming soon - pics of the Flashpoint stuff I got around Oct last year which got saved as a Christmas gift.
Also Ambush Valley and more!


  1. I agree with your idea of putting them to standard blackhawks. I got a bunch of 15mm peter pig vietnam stuff last september as well but have not done anything with it yet as I already have a bunch of 20mm vietnam stuff.

  2. I've also got some Peter Pig Australian's that I purchase when I first got into 15mm gaming about 3 or 4 years ago I should dust them off as well. I'll be needing them to reinforce my single, lonely ANZAC Rifle Platoon.

    I've been trying to resist the lure of 20mm.
    I have such a large investment in 15mm that I can't justify having to support another scale. But the lure of 1:72 scale kits is very strong, especially for helo's.
    Must resist.....