Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I'm trying to keep some momentum on modelling for as long as i can, so last night I trimmed and based the LRRP platoon from Flashpoint that I got for Christmas.

These were old figures in the old packaging that I picked up from Drew at Dragonfire.  I know that Flashpoint is working through doing a refresh on the figure ranges, but I don't think they've done the LRRPs yet.
Across the 30 figures there appears to be 10 sculpts - not necessarily 3 of each.
The scults look quite good, plenty of sneaky movement poses!

You can click the images of the sculpts for a larger view.

I picked doing these first-up because I figured that I could get away with only painting and basing a smaller number (maybe 10?) to provide a patrol to go up against a larger number of either Local Force or Main Force VC for Ambush Valley.

So next up, I'll be cracking a pack of VC.....which will it be?.......
(oooh the suspense!)


  1. Do Local. Also are you going to be doing tiger stripes on these guys?

  2. Local you say.....

    Re: Tigerstripe, I hadn't really thought about it too deeply yet. Having just had a quick look around to try to build up an arguement for green vs. tigerstripe, I can't find any without tigerstripe.
    So, yes, I will be painting them in tiger stripes.
    I'd better go searching for some tips!