Friday, 14 January 2011

Irregular 6mm US Firebase

Okay folks, as promised here are some shots of the US Firebase I just picked up.
All of the bits you get:
As you can see, you get 2 sandbagged buildings, 2 tents, 2 piles of barrels, 6 sandbag walls, 4 gun emplacements and 6 defensive mounds with sharpened pickets.  Plus a flag.
Below is a quick attempt at a comparison shot using some of the 6mm Brit Para's I've been working, along with one of the ACAV's that I received in the same order.

Note that the thick base on the Para's causes the ACAV too look a little small (and the hut to be too short).  I think that once everything is at the same height it will look great.
For those of you who want to look at the components a little more closely, I've taken some more picks and put them in the Picasa album :


  1. very nice system for a firebase. Are you going to mount it in foamboard and make it permanent or use it as piecemeal as you see fit?

  2. I think I'm going to permanently mount it.
    In two minds, as I'd like to construct a large firebase as a set piece for attacks, and this would require a fair bit more than what's in this set, and if I assemble it for all-round defence, I can't really integrate it into a larger firebase.
    Need to chase down that US Firebase Osprey again.......