Monday, 6 February 2012

6mm Falklands British Infantry

Last week I received my order from Heroics and Ros which included samples of most of the items I will be using in my Falklands/Malvinas games this year.
I haven't put a brush to any of these yet, I've barely had time to take the photos!
I'll be using two main codes for the British infantry sections:
  • M5 - British Infantry
  • M14 - Royal Marines
First up,the M5 - British Infantry. (you should be able to click the image for a larger view)
These consist of seven strips, each one an eight-man section as above.  There are a 4 patrolling figures, one figure patrolling with a GPMG, a section commander and two figures crouching, one with a Carl Gustav or similar.  All wear scrimmed helmets and webbing.  One of the patrolling figures has a pack or section radio.  All in all, these are good figures, although some of the barrels are a bit droopy at the moment.

Next up is the M14 - Royal Marines.  As Andy from H&R described them to me in an email, these are your classic yomping/tabbing pose.  Ten heavily laden infantry wearing berets, per strip, five (5) strips per code.  Again, one figure has the GPMG and another is crouching with a Carl Gustav.

The figures look like they will be equally at home with green berets for the commandos or maroon for the paras.
My plan is to use a mix of the M5 and M14 figures (interspersed) to comprise my British companies.

Finally, a quick snap of the M14 - Royal Marines accompanied by the BM32 1/2 ton Land Rover and the BM33 3/4 ton Land Rover.
I reckon these look pretty good.


  1. I think if the Argies get there way you could be painting these up as ultra modern figures!!

  2. One day I might game a modern Malvinas conflict as a "what-if?".
    However at the moment as I get more reading done, I'm finding plenty of meat for "what-if?" in the 1982 conflict.
    A modern version is tempting though, pitting some of the more modern equipment from both forces against each other. By the time your take the boggy ground into consideration, the conflict may look quite a lot like the 1982 conflict, but with 5.56mm instead of 7.62mm.