Monday, 6 February 2012

6mm Falklands British Support Weapons

Next up for the Falklands games are British Support Weapons.
For these I have purchased M6 - British Infantry Support.
The pack consists of 8 strips with three different variations:
  • 2 x Sustained Fire GPMG and light mortar team strips
  •  3 x Engineers / Blowpipe team / Mortar team strips (front and back images)
  •  3 x Milan strips
Once again, these are quite good and I'm quite happy with them.

My only criticism is the fact that the pack provides 9 Milan teams (3 strips with 3 teams each), but only 2 sustained fire MGs (one each on two strips).
With one pack I have more Milans than I'm likely to ever need for a company-sized engagement, but I'm well short on the SFMG quota.  On that front, I think the pack could be a little better balanced.


  1. Now get some paint on them!

    I really enjoy your Falklands project, earlier it was just a name for me, and I had no idéa whatsoever what it was about. Keep posting and spread the knowledge of our history!

  2. Thanks Jonathan.
    Glad you're enjoying it!

    I am very keen to get some paint on them. I might just bite the bullet and get the first section done.

    I was only 5 when the war occurred, so I've been learning a heap over the last month!