Wednesday, 8 January 2014

H&R BTR-80

One of the MANY New Years Resolutions (more on that later) is to get more posts in this year.
To write more posts I need to do more hobby stuff, so it's actually a two-for-one package.
To assist me with that I had a couple of posts started before I went on hiatus, so it seemed like a good idea to get those finished first.

I've also given the blog itself a quick refresh, with a more modern template and a new banner.  Hope you like the changes.

But enough guff!
Here are the BTR-80 variants from Heroics and Ros.
I actually purchased these to use for some sci-fi vehicles, as I think the BTR-80A in particular with its turrent is quite "futuristic" looking.
Heroics & Ros SM66 - BTR-80
Heroics & Ros SM67 - BTR-80A + 30mm Turret
Heroics & Ros SM90 - BTR-80 UR Sn Command Vehicle
Next up, some more Russian armour from H&R...

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