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Gaming Plans - Moderns 2009

Inspired by Dave's post over at the War Depot, I started to plot out my plans for gaming. At the time when I started this post, I hadn't gotten anything done, subsquently I've actually started moving forward again. I am going to post however, as it puts a good "stake in the ground" to come back and review projects.

Because I'm sneaking these posts in when I can, I'm going to break it down into periods that I'm working on and post them separately. Starting with.....

I'm actually working on a number of projects for the post-war/moderns period. This period is my major focus at the moment.

Somali Civil War 1992-1996
This is the period of the UN intervention in Somalia. The current focus is on the period around the events of Operation Gothic Serpent (Blackhawk Down).

Recently I've become more aware of the involvement of 1RAR during the intervention and I'm now keen to game some actions based on their involvement in the conflict. This is currently hampered by a lack of 15mm Australia figures. However Flashpoint Miniatures are promising something soon (apparently around the Christmas timeframe?).

I also have a fair bit of work ahead of my trying to research records and accounts in an attempt to create some realistic scenarios for this.

I the interim, check out the following links for some pictures and narrative of the "Big Blue One" in Somalia:

Australians in Afghanistan 2001 to current
Ambush Alley's Operation Uruzghan book as a starting point.
Stalled on this until someone offers a 15mm modern Australian range.
I have some CannonFodder Afghan figures for use as Taliban.
Also looking at Brits in Afghanistan as well. This is most likely to happen first as I already have a significant number of 15mm modern Brits from QRF and Old Glory.

Iraq War 2003
Ambush Alley is planning on publishing a "Road to Baghdad" book in 2010 (?) and this is likely to be a good source for this.

I already have US moderns, and I have some Bradley's coming for Christmas, along with some troops to use as Iraqi Republican Guard or regular army for early in the conflict. Figures for Fedayeen are available from Rebel, but I don't have any of these yet.

On the subject of Fedayeen, I'm also keen to look at gaming the insurgency as well.

Vietnam War

Ambush Alley are releasing Ambush Valley for Christmas 09, and I'm hoping to pick up a copy when I can find some cash in the new year. I already have a number of Vietnam 15mm, courtesy of the old Flashpoint range that I picked up from Drew at Dragonfire. These are packed away for Christmas, and will hopefully getting some attention in the new year.

Flashpoint are also re-doing their Vietnam rules, which are more at the company level, whereas Ambush Valley is more of a platoon sized game. Keen to keep an eye on these as they develop...

French Colonial Decline (Algeria, Indochina)

No fixed plans here, but I've always been interested in these conflicts.
Eureka also have a great range of figures to work with here.
For Indochina I can probably look to recycle some of my VC as Viet Minh.

African Republics

This is where my whole interest in the Moderns period started, with the Peter Pig AK47 Republic rules. I'm keen to look at this again. For the bigger games I'm still planning on using 6mm, but my 15mm collection is slowly growing and eventually I should be able to play somewhere between platoon and company level. As I'm reading more and learning more, I'm keen to look at some games based on Rhodesia, Mozambique and others. I'm very keen on some 15mm Rhodesian Fireforce games.


Some others where I'm interested, but haven't got anything firm in mind:

  • Arab-Israeli War and Lebanon
  • Northern Ireland and the troubles 1970s/80s
  • Malaysian Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation

And that's about it!

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