Thursday, 19 November 2009

rotary tool-icious

I had been having some difficulty filing the thicker bases off the Flashpoint moderns.
My poor little, cheap files weren't up to the task vs. pewter.
On advice from Brevet on the Flashpoint forums, I tried hitting them with a dremel (actually it's a cheap knock-off Dremel).
First-off, I tried using the grinding stones in the kit, but they very quickly became clogged.
Then I tried the Carborundum tips....and they ripped through it beautifully.
A little bit of a rough finish, but then that helps with gluing to the base!
And now for the very blurry pic:
The figure on the left is intact. The figure on the right has been ground down.
The good cameras are out of town with my wife, so it's going to have to be phone camera shots again, until next week.

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