Thursday, 12 November 2009

Gloss Humvees - now with pictures!

Okay, so I finally sync'd the camera and took some pics of the QRF HMMWVs.
Here are two of them with the unfortunate gloss undercoat. You can see where it's run in around to a lot of the detail. Check out the front wheel of the M2 HMMWV (left). Click on the images for the full size:

I've started trying to paint up an M998 first up. Here's a progress shot from my first Glass Humvee post where I found out that the paint would stick! I've also tried to matt-down the gloss with some paint.

And here's where I had to leave it last night:

It needs some further tidy-up and some inking and dry-brushing, it's starting to get there.
Hopefully finish up tonight, and then it's on to the Mk19 and M2 equipped models.


  1. Hey, they don't look too bad at all in the pictures. Discovering they were gloss would have been a colon straightening moment.

    As an aside I use gesso now as my undercoat. Works really well for me, cleaner, can be done at any time - and can be reversed. :)

    Let me know when you have a force together - I'd like to see them in game.

  2. Yeh' there was some clenching when I realised, but I just pushed through because I figured the cleanup would be worse; if it was possible at all.
    I like the coating that the enamel gives the figure, and it wears really well. How does the Gesso perform on wear?
    I need to go pick up a few assorted colours in MATT and put them somewhere different from where my wife has put the gloss stuff she has been using on a project.