Thursday 31 January 2008

I received my first 6mm miniatures this week, ordered from the good guys at Eureka Miniatures, who manufacture Irregular here in Australia. As always, everything was very prompt and well done.

I ordered all the bits and pieces for 2 opposing armies (a Peoples Popular Front and a Colonial) under the AK47 Republic rules from Peter Pig. Although AK47 is technically 15mm I know that some folks play it at 6mm, and I was keen to give that a try.

In fact, AK47 was the trigger for me give 6mm a try. I've been keen to give the game a thorough go, but it was proving expensive to pull together 2 opposing armies (so that I could demo to others and encourage some engagement) in 15mm.

I had assembled 200points from each side, ready for a trial at 15mm, but with 6mm I had the two 500 point forces shipped to my door for under AU$65!

Here's what I got:
10 x MAF05 Open Backed Lorry with separate cover
3 x MAF30 Saracen APC
1 x MAF38 Generic Infantry advancing in peaked cap (3)
1 x MAF39 Generic Infantry firing in peaked cap (3)
1 x MAF44 US M48 MBT
3 x MAF62 Bareheaded Insurgent Infantry (3)
1 x MAF63 Bareheaded Insurgents with rocket launcher (3)
1 x VN01 US/ARVN Infantry in helmet, advancing (3)
1 x VN04 US/ARVN Mortar and crew (3)
1 x VN06 US/ARVN Grenade Launcher and two assistants (3)
1 x VN07 US/ARVN Command Group (3)
1 x VN11 NVA Infantry advancing (3)
1 x VN14 NVA Mortar and crew (3)
1 x VN16 NVA Rocket Launcher and two assistants (3)
1 x VN17 NVA Command Group (3)
4 x WWTA41 Recce Jeep
2 x WWTB42 Bofors Gun on Lorry
2 x WWTB55 Towed 5.5" Gun

Photos to follow later in the week once I get them taken and get set up with Flickr or some other image archive.

First Post

I'm hoping to use this space to publish photos and thoughts about my wargaming hobby. The focus will be on the smaller (and cheaper!) scales in the marketplace; 6mm and 15mm.
I have made a conscious decision over the last few months that I'm going to try to skirmish in 15mm and play anything larger at 6mm.
I've also found it difficult to find photos around the web of various supplier's output, so I'm going to try to publish photos of anything that I lay my hands on, starting with a batch of 6mm Irregular that I've just purchased this week.
Hope you enjoy the blog and/or find it helpful in your own gaming!