Tuesday 28 August 2012

Heroics & Ros Figures for MicroDux - part 2

More detailed shots of codes from the Heroics and Ros Ancient and Dark Ages ranges that I picked up to play TooFatLardies' "Dux Britanniarum" in 6mm.  Click on the images for larger versions.

MA17 - Ancient British Infantry:
Two types of strip in this code:
A command strip with leader, standard and horn blower.
And the infantry strip proper
I don't think this code will get a lot of use for Britons vs. Saxons, but I suspect I will be using some of the figures for Picts or Scotii.

 One Command strip and seven infantry strips in the code.

MAR13 - Late Roman Infantry Advancing
 One strip of standard bearers and 10 infantry strips per code.  Detailed pics of the individual strips below:
Standard Bearers
Infantry - these are armed with a sword (gladius?) and a shield.

MA20-Early German Tribesmen
 One strip with two standard bearers and 10 strips of infantry consisting of 5 strips each of two types.
Detailed pics below:
Standard Bearers
 Infantry Strip Type 1
 Infantry Strip Type 2

MD5 - Vikings
 One Command strip, and four each of two different types of infantry strips per code.
Lots of good stuff in this code, detailed pics below:
Standard Bearers
 Infantry Strip Type 1 - featuring Archers, "Vikings playing golf" and figures armed with sword and shield.
 Infantry Strip Type 2 - Axes, swords and spears/javelins with round shields.

MAR26 - Roman Pack Mules and Baggage Carts
Two four-wheeled bullock carts, one two-wheeled bullock cart and nine pack mules, along with drivers.
Details below:

Two-Wheeled Bullock Cart - this comes with a cover
Four-Wheeled Bullock Cart
Bullocks and Driver - note the yokes around the necks to match up against the carts.
Pack Mules and Drivers - useful for just about every period.

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