Monday 19 November 2012

Heroics & Ros Confederate Infantry

Let me be up front... I know nothing about the American Civil War and I have no (current) interest in gaming it.
However some of the H&R Confederates have been recommended as good substitutes for figures in bush hats.  I'm not going to pass a verdict on that until I've had a chance to paint some up and see how it goes.  I am a big fan of the good variety of poses per strip in these though.
Here they are:

MACW6 - Confederate Infantry Skirmishing
Eight Infantry Strips, plus a Command Strip and Standard Bearer Strip.

Infantry Strip (8 per code)

Command Strip (1 per code)

Standard Bearers (1 strip per code)

MACW23 - Dismounted Confederate Cavalry
Nine Infantry Strips plus a command strip in the pack

Infantry Strip (9 per code)

Command Strip (1 per code)


  1. If I had a hat on I'd take it off to you for your adventurous spirit to paint such little warriors! My old eyes can't see to paint something this small anymore. Have fun!

  2. Thanks Jay!
    While my eyes hold out it's a good way to cheaply game all the periods I want, whilst also keeping storage to a minimum.
    I also can't paint 28mm to save myself. 6mm is definitely the scale for my painting ability. :)

  3. so cute the sculptures are ~ that's wonderful ~