Monday, 12 November 2012

Irregular Modern Afghans

Since we did the H&R Modern Brits last, that I intend to use in Modern Afghanistan, I thought it might be worthwhile looking at the Irregular Modern Afghan Range.
Below are samples of the five codes available.

The pictures below show the front of one base and the back of another from the same code.  You get 3 bases per code.

MAF24 - Afghan HQ

MAF20 - Afghan Tribal Infantry

MAF23 - Afghan missile launchers

MAF22 - Afghan Mortars plus crew

MAF21 - Afghan Infantry with Rocket Launcher

Note that the Irregular Moderns are taller and bulkier than some of the other Irregular ranges and so don't blend well directly with H&R.  I've done the comparison earlier with the H&R US (below), but I haven't directly tried these against the Brit figures.

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