Sunday, 4 November 2012

H&R BR3 - British Paratroops

The BR3 - British Paratroops is another mixed infantry and weapons code similar to the German Paratroops code from Heroics & Ros.
This time we have:
  • 4 Infantry Strips,
  • 2 Mortar Strips, 
  • An Anti-Tank Gun and Crew, and
  • an MG Strip
Detailed pics of the individual strips are below.  Click on the images for larger versions.

MG Strip (1 per code)
On the right we have 3 Bren teams.  I'm not sure what the left-most team with the longer gun is?  I'm open to suggestions...

Anti-Tank Gun and Crew (1 per code)

Mortar team, with radio operator (2 strips per code)

Parachute Infantry (4 strips per code)
A mix of Rifles and Sten SMGs

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