Tuesday 30 September 2008

Back to 15mm!

I've made a fatal error in doing the vehicles for the 2nd 6mm army before the infantry.
One look at all of those fiddly infantry sitting in the box, and I lost the will to go on.
My problem is that I enjoy playing with infantry armies (tank battles have always left me rather cold), but I hate painting them. A tank is a lot easier to paint and have it end up looking like a tank.
So in order to save my sanity I'm doing some more 15mm work.
A friend is looking to do some 15mm scifi skirmish, and I remembered that I had an old Quick Reaction Force Israeli platoon bag that I'd put aside to paint up "scifi" at some stage.
So I've based up a section (more on that later - trying something new), and put together a Commando (they always look the business) and also a chinese Type 70 (also QRF) beacuse what's a scifi game without missiles going everywhere ala Robotech???
Here's some pics:
From 15mm Modern

Camouflage Patterns

I came across this site a few weeks ago : http://www.kamouflage.net/
It's an excellent resource for moderns gamers that details an incredible number of camouflage patterns from around the world.
Plus it's an Australian site!

Note that some of the pages appear to feature "scantily clad" ladies in various camouflage uniforms. Nothing I've seen is very racy, but if your workplace is concerned about that sort of thing; it's safest to check it out at home.

Wednesday 17 September 2008

Towed Guns

I've also done some work on the towed guns and their Matador tows for the Colonial AK47 army.

I need to sort out some basing for the vehicles, and particularly the guns. Again; I need more light sources for the pictures!

Colonial Armour

I decided to start on the vehicles for the my 6mm AK47 Republic Colonial force. I've started the infantry as well, but they haven't gotten very far.
I've painted up the Saracen APCs and the M48 Patton Tank.

Still having some issues with lighting for the pictures. I think I need more light sources.
More pics below: