Sunday 23 November 2008

Another AA game

Managed to run another game of Ambush Alley over the weekend.
Two players with myself as the umpire. We played the "Contracting Trouble" scenario from the core rules. We didn't finish the game, as it was already quite late by the time we started, but the guys seemed to enjoy the experience. The marines managed to get the contractors off the board, but the majority of the marine force was still trapped on two rooftops as the contractors exited.

Some quick shots from the game are below. I forgot to take the good camera, so these are just quick shots with the camera in my phone.

The marines were advancing up the main thoroughfare to get to the contractors, when.....

The reinforcement roll for the Insurgent player turns nasty for the Regular player as 14 insurgents (2 with support weapons) suddenly appear on the roof overlooking the contractor vehicle.
I actually ran out of figures when this occurred so two of the insurgents are actually marine figures.
Unfortunately for the insurgent player, his next firing dice looked like this (4+ is a success):

Despite the poor rolling, within a turn both marine fire teams had been forced to retreat to the cover of the buildings to tend to their wounded.

However, with all of the fire being directed at the marines further down the road, the squad leader was able to usher the contractors to safety, narrowly missing an ambush laid by two insurgents at the head of the road.

Thursday 20 November 2008

Tin Pot Little Country

I'm starting a new blog for "in-character"information about the two forces for my 6mm AK47 games:
  •  The Workers Intervention for the Nation of Ztumre (WINZ) and,
  • The existing colonial power in Zumsia; the Loyalist Officers of Zumsia (LOOZ).  
The intent will be to document information about the fictional country of Zumsia and the conflict, including geography and history, orders of battle and "frontline reporting" (game after action reports).  

I hope to have a bit of fun with it!

Tiny Metal Men is going to remain the miniatures blog and I'm hoping to keep regular updates going for both.

Thursday 13 November 2008

AK47 Force Names - It's half the fun!

Part of the fun of AK47 is rolling for the force names and coming up with wacky interpretations of the words that you roll.
I had originally named my forces, but I've been looking at them again and I think I can do better.

At the moment my PPF Force is Ztumre National Workers Intervention, which is just the words themselves, and roughly in the order they were rolled. This abbreviates to ZNWI. Boring! So I've looked at the letters and come up with WINZ - The Workers Intervention for the Nation of Ztumre. Better I think.

Likewise the Colonials are currently ZISR - Zumsia Intervention Sword of Resistance. Not too bad - it's a difficult collection of words. Looking at the letters I came up with :

SIRZ Sword Intervention Resistance Zumsia
RISZ Resistance Intervention Sword Zumsia
RIZS Resistance Intervention Zumsia Sword
ZIRS Zumsia Intervention Resistance Sword

I think SIRZ is pretty good for an abbreviation for a Colonial army, but I'm stuggling with exactly how to string the words together in a meanigful way. From that perspective, ZIRS is the best option from my view. The Intervention Resistance bit suggests that it's countering the Workers Intervention, and Sword could be an organisational thing (like a batttlegroup?). Maybe I'm overthinking?

Let me know what you think.

And for more AK47 Republic naming fun, check out the excellent Ztum Setum site. I'm pretty sure they didn't roll those up, but what's the point of rules if you can't tweak them?

Also, note that I've enabled reactions at the bottom of the posts now. Tick a box to let me know what you think of any of my posts.

Monday 10 November 2008

ZISR Colonial Regulars

I'm back on the painting wagon again and managed to push out some of the Zumsia Intervention Sword of Resistance troops. I've painted up 3 command stands and 6 infantry stands. The only thing left to complete the two Regular units is the Mortar and Grenadier stands.

The command stands are US/ARVN commands stands from the Irregular Vietnam range. The troops are Generic Infantry Advancing in Peaked Caps and Generic Infantry Firing in Peaked Caps from the Modern range.

I was in a hurry with the pics and it appears that there may have been a hair on the lens, but you get the general idea!

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Eureka Order Part 8 - Miscellaneous

Final segment on my latest Eureka order.
I picked up some items from the 6mm civilian Range.
First up the Bazaar

I got this to use as a size reference for terrain and I also figured it slotted in well with a few scenarios I had in mind.

Secondly I picked up the 20th Century Civilians

These might become hostages in a future game.

And as the last selection from the CIV range I picked up the 20th Century Guerillas

These were destined for AK47, and will probably be used to spruce up command stands.

Finally, just to mix it up a little, I also picked up another miniature from the GZG 6mm range (Dirtside). This time it's a PkZ VII Sturmkampfer infantry walker (apparently).

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Eureka Order Part 7 - More Moderns

I also picked up a number of other moderns as part of the order.
First up I got some some modern british infantry. I wanted to see whether they were closer to the 1980s equipment, or more modern. The 80s format would have been usable for Falklands. I think these are actually 1990+, but as with most 6mm, the paint job should be able to convert between the two. I also picked up a Scorpion which could also be used as a Scimitar of the Blues and Royals on Falklands by minor modifications to the gun.

I also picked up some Afghan Infantry for possible future Afghanistan scenarios. The pictures on these don't really show up too well. I think they should paint up okay.

Finally, I also picked up some generic infantry in bush hats. These will probably get use in AK47.

Depending on how they paint I might use these or the Vietnam Australians as SEALs to crew the Heroics and Ros FAVs.

Monday 3 November 2008

Eureka Order Part 6 - Modern US

I ordered some Modern US to go with the HWMMVs and FAVs that I got last month.
Here are the US Infantry - I got 2 items for a total of 6 bases.

I also picked up a pack each of :

and Command

Here they are up against one of the HWMMVs and one of the FAVs