Tuesday 1 September 2009

Flashpoint Miniatures Insurgents

As promised, here are some pics of the Flashpoint Insurgent figures.
They are also great quality casts.
Just like the Rangers, they're pewter, rather than the traditional lead-heavy alloys, which makes for a very crisp result.

In the pack you get 12 figures with the following mix:
9 AK-47
1 LMG (probably an RPD?)

Here are some pics of the indivdual poses I received in my pack:

RPGs are at either end, with the RPD second from right.
I'm not sure that this picture does them justice. The light and the angle has washed out a lot of the detail.
The figure second from left that looks like he has a mess for a head is actually quite a detailed model of a man with a beard who is looking up.
The dude who looks bald in the middle is actually wearing a bandanna around his head.
Once I get some paint on them, I think it will be a lot more obvious!

And here is the size comparison pic:

Just like the one for the FP Rangers, we have Peter Pig, Cannon Fodder, and Irregular.