Sunday 29 July 2012

Argentine Infantry Work in Progress

Here is one of my unpainted Argentine infantry sections accompanied by a bazooka team (click for a larger image).
These guys have been languishing in the cupboard for the better part of the last month since I originally based and undercoated them while various things have prevented me from getting them finished off.
They're next off the line though, before I go back to finish the unpainted UK Marines.

Here's the rest of the current understrength company.  I still need another platoon to bring it up to full strength, and it's missing any mortar support.
The missing figures for the final platoon will be ordered from Heroics and Ros this coming month (August), and hopefully I can get the Brits finished off before polishing off that final platoon.

Mortars for both sides are not done yet because I want to model some digging in around them, and I'm not entire sure how exactly I want to proceed with that.  There are some very evocative images of pits cut into the peat to get down to solid matter for the base plate that I want to have a shot at doing.  Maybe some trials later....

I've been a little stalled on the Falklands project overall.
I'd been reading "Above All, Courage" and the firsthand accounts of the attack on the RFA Sir Galahad from Guardsmen, Navy Pilots and medical staff had been quite confronting.  Coupled with stresses from work I had temporarily shelved the whole thing. 

 Now that I've managed to bite the bullet and get some figures moving again I picked up the book again this morning over breakfast on the deck here at home.  This time it was accounts from 2 Para (Chris Keeble and John Crossland, with a few more to go) from the section of the book on Darwin and Goose Green, and they've helped to push me back on again.
Certainly recommend this book, full of interesting little details and the realities (as far as I can judge) of war.

A Distraction Enters

Well, my house guests are now on their way to Melbourne, and I've just been down setting up my desk again.
As any of you that know me would have predicted, the Falklands project is a little stalled at the moment, mainly due to the interference of work and family life.

As a result, I have fallen prey to that virulent disease that plagues many wargamers - "ooh shiny!".
TooFatLardies are releasing their new Dark Age "Arthurian" rules at the end of this month.

I had been quite happy that I didn't need these rules over the last few years as reports about progress on the project known as "Beerwulf" have floated in on the TooFatLardies Yahoo Group.  I had even managed to look at all of the pretty blog posts from the final rounds of playtesting on the TooFatLardies blog, and thought to myself, "That's nice...might have a look in a few years."  I was also a little frustrated that this project seemed to have supplanted work on "Chain of Command" and the Boer War rules.

But a week or two ago Richard from TFL announced that pre-orders were open and I dutifully went and sent him about AU$50!  It's a sickness!

Having said that, from the battle reports, it looks like a good game with a good campaign system built in, and given it's TFL pedigree, I'm sure it will be worthwhile.  Note also that that investment includes the printed rules, cards in a hard plastic case, electronic copy of the rules, and (if you got in early enough) a limited edition 28mm figure of Arthur.

However it wasn't until I finally got around to listening to this chat between Neil from Meeples and Miniatures and Richard from TFL on the M&M podcast yesterday, that I realised how good the systems that TFL have put into "Dux Brit" are.  Give episode 91 of Meeples and Miniatures a listen, and if it doesn't have you heading off to order the game, you're a stronger man than I!

I had considered doing this in 15mm with figures from Splintered Light that are purpose built for the period, but instead I've decided to stick with my commitment and try it in 6mm.  I've had a natty idea for basing (more on that when the time comes) and I think it's a perfect opportunity for a first time purchase from Baccus Miniatures to see if some of their late roman and early medieval period ranges can be pressed into service in this period.

Pre-orders ship on the 31st, so it will be mid-late August by the time I get my hard copy and cards, but apparently I'll have the electronic copy in email on the day, so stand by for some early thoughts later this week.

Despite the lack of updates on the blog over the last couple of months, I have been thinking and doing hobby stuff and have purchased a few things, so there will also be some catch-up posts coming, in particular some better pictures of the Scotia minis I received recently.

Thursday 19 July 2012

Some bits from Scotia

We've got visitors here at home so I can't get down to my desk, but I just had to put up some shots of some of the bits and pieces I got from Scotia Grendel this week.

The big winners were the three different types of boat I picked up from their Ship-To-Shore range.  Below (clockwise from left) are the following models:

STS53 Rigid Raider with Passengers
STS15 Modern UK Gemini
STS50 Gemini with Passengers

I'm going to have some fun with these!

For the Falklands I picked up some of their recoilless rifles from the neutral equipment 6mm range:
NE024 Recoilless Rifle 50-80mm (5)
NE025 81-110mm RCL (5)
Particularly the big 105s are going to end up in the hands of Argentine crews once I can get back into my model cupboard.

I also picked up samples from a number of their sci-fi infantry ranges.  More on those later...

Finally I really want to recommend Scotia as a company to deal with.  The first time this package was sent, it went awry in the post due to a post code error on my part late at night when I submitted the order.
After waiting a reasonable time for delivery, Robbie at Scotia sent a replacement, for which I am very grateful.  An excellent customer service experience!

Monday 16 July 2012

Alternate uses for H&R M7 - #1 Special Forces

As promised in an earlier post I believe that there are a number of alternate uses that the Heroics and Ros Soviet Airborne infantry pack can be put to use as.
First up we have Special Forces.
Below are some UK special forces for my Falklands War games that I've just knocked together (larger images if you click).  These are a mix of figures from the Soviet Airborne and the Royal Marines packs.
This is the first time I've ever flocked or grassed a base, so please be gentle...
The soviet pack is particularly useful for the sniper figure and the figure with the binocular (both on round bases).

And here are some work in progress pics.  
First up the "conversions", which were simply just adding a squarish blob of greenstuff to make bergens for the Soviet figures.

Then the undercoat makes it all look like it was meant to be.

Slap on some paint and you're done!

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Heroics & Ros Modern Germans

So I picked up one of the M8 Modern German Infantry codes in my last order from Heroics and Ros.  The main reason was to attempt to find suitable figures for my Malvinas Argentine forces.  The H&R WW2 US troops are a little to stiff and parade ground for what I want, and the M1 Modern US all have packs, which appears to have not been common at all in the Argentine forces on the islands.

The pack I received had some pretty bad flash which I've attempted to quickly clean up for the pics, but you can still see traces.  I have no idea how long my pack may have sat on the shelves, but Andy from H&R was going to go and check the moulds, so hopefully you won't have the same experience if you purchase.

Enter the M8 Modern Germans!  (click the pics to enlarge)

First the Infantry Strip - five of these in the code.
As you can see, these have a bit more "get up and go" than the WW2 US.  A comparison pic below.
My infantry sections are made up of bases of figures from both codes.  With a strip of each I get 3 x 5 rifle bases and 2 x LMG bases.

The Modern German infantry code also has some ATGM (Milan probably) strips as per below.  3 strips per code.
Probably useful if the Cold War repelling the Soviet hordes fantasy is your thing, but basically into the bits box for me.

I really need to come up with something I can do with all the ATGM teams I've accumulated from the Brits and now the Germans...

With the pack of M8 Modern German Infantry I now have an understrength (2 platoons) infantry or marine company for the Argentines based and undercoated.  I need to pick up another pack to round out the entire company.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Update and some Argentine Aircraft

Well folks it's been quite a while since my last post.
Things have been pretty hectic with work and around home so I haven't had much chance to post.
On hte hobby front things have slowed down, but not quite as much as the blog posting!
Teh main thing that has been holding me up was getting some figures for my argentine infantry that had more animation than the somewhat parade ground posing of the H&R WW2 US figures.  A batch bits and pieces arrived from merry old england a couple of weeks ago, and so we're back up and running again.  I've done some simple conversions that I want to complete painting before I post them, and I now have an understrength Argentine company based and undercoated.
So more updates hopefully in the month of July.
In the interim I'll leave you with some pics of the Pucara and the Puma models from Heroics and Ros (click on them for enlarged versions)
I haven't done any aircraft modelling since I was a kid, and based on my experience with these two and the Wasp and Wessex for the Brits, I think I have a lot to learn.

First the Pucara.  The horizontal tail planes come as a separate piece to be attached at the top of a stub tail cast to the body.  In the front-on pic you can see the kink where they join.
 The model doesn't come with any stores for under the wings, so I think I'll need to pick up some suitable rockets and bombs from somewhere.
 Next the Puma.  Not sure whether to put the blades on as provided or replace with transparent plastic disks for that "blades rotating fast" look.  I have a lot of helicopters to do for this project and I probably need to select one method or the other....
Keen for any advice.