Thursday, 19 July 2012

Some bits from Scotia

We've got visitors here at home so I can't get down to my desk, but I just had to put up some shots of some of the bits and pieces I got from Scotia Grendel this week.

The big winners were the three different types of boat I picked up from their Ship-To-Shore range.  Below (clockwise from left) are the following models:

STS53 Rigid Raider with Passengers
STS15 Modern UK Gemini
STS50 Gemini with Passengers

I'm going to have some fun with these!

For the Falklands I picked up some of their recoilless rifles from the neutral equipment 6mm range:
NE024 Recoilless Rifle 50-80mm (5)
NE025 81-110mm RCL (5)
Particularly the big 105s are going to end up in the hands of Argentine crews once I can get back into my model cupboard.

I also picked up samples from a number of their sci-fi infantry ranges.  More on those later...

Finally I really want to recommend Scotia as a company to deal with.  The first time this package was sent, it went awry in the post due to a post code error on my part late at night when I submitted the order.
After waiting a reasonable time for delivery, Robbie at Scotia sent a replacement, for which I am very grateful.  An excellent customer service experience!

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