Sunday 6 February 2011

15mm Cthulhu-esque action

You need to check out the fantastic Octopus Cultist and their eldritch Octopus-God overlord coming soon from Khurasan:
I'm seriously considering getting rid of my 15mm and making a move completely to 6mm for cost and space reasons, but these have really made me pause.

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Another 6mm Comparison Shot

Below is a shot I took earlier, comparing the H&R German Infantry to a couple of vehicles, from both H&R and Irregular (don't forget to click for the full size).
Left to Right we have; Irregular Toyota Pickup, H&R Panzer IV H, and Irregular M113 ACAV.
Scaling wise, I think the H&R infantry scales quite well.
As a result I ordered some more bits and pieces from them today......

H&R German Command - unpainted

I missed this on my original list of photos.
The H&R GR2 code also includes a command strip.
I believe that this is also what you get for the G185 German Command Strip.