Tuesday 31 March 2009

British Infantry from QRF

As part of my last order from QRF I got one each of the modern british infantry packs.
Here they are:
MBI-5 Infantry with Minimi

MBI-4 Infantry with LSW

MBI-2.  The figure on the end on the right is the gunner from the WMIK crew for comparison.


Finally, here are some pics of the Old Glory/Command Decision WMIK crew

Friday 27 March 2009

QRF Scimitar

The first set of detail from the QRF order.
I took the Scimitar out of its bag and found I could prop it up together.

I had to slightly bend the track guards to fit the tracks in and the RARDEN cannon was a little bent from its trip from the UK. I need to straighten it properly rather than just the quick fix with my fingers.
More pics assembled:

And the bits:

Thursday 26 March 2009

My QRF order came in today as well.

Humvees, landrovers, british infantry and a Scimitar.
Detail pics as I unpack them over the next few days.


My order for WMIKs and crew from Old Glory (Command Decision) cam in yesterday.

They look quite good in the bag. Lots of bits, and a lot of additional detail (baggage, ammo, etc.) moulded on.
More detailed pics to follow.

15mm Tripods!

Flee in terror .......... off to Dropship Horizon to see the preview shots of Rebel Mini's Martian Tripod.
That is going to be a must-have!

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Painting Temperate DPM Roundup

In order to get a handle on this DPM painting situation I find myself in, I had a quick scout around.
The key resources seem to be:

The thing I find most amusing about all of this is that they each start with a different base colour.

I'm actually going to follow Tim's Guide, which appears to be similar to the David Blacke method.

I already have the sand base colour done on all of the figures after my disasterous false start.

Note: Check out the David Blacke article as it also covers Pakistani camouflage!

Friday 20 March 2009

Militia Leaders : Work in Progress

I'm currently painting some Cannon Fodder African Militia. Some of these figures are better equipped in terms of uniform and Webbing, so I've chosen to use them as the Leader figures for my Ambush Alley Games.
I wanted to have the militia leaders wearing camouflaged uniforms, as compared with jungle greens and civilian clothing for the lesser militia.
I found some pictures in William Fowler's Operation Barras book showing Sierra Leone soldiers. Most of the uniforms appeared to be British woodland DPM, but one picture showing soldiers on an assault course seemed to be a different scheme - a really interesting mix of browns and oranges with a touch of green.
So I started trying to paint this scheme.

I wasn't happy with the outcome, so I was going to work it up again. I went to scan the image from the book so I could show what I was aiming for....and the picture that came out was British woodland DPM! The image in the book must be colour shifted, and the scanner has shifted it back in the other direction so that now I can see it is DPM. Sooo....
I think I'll be trying to paint DPM, or maybe US woodland.
Either way, this figure needs to be scratched and I start again.

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Eureka Viet Minh and French Foreign Legion

I've spent of my birthday cash and Eureka just go and unveil their new range for the French Indochina War!

Check it out at the Eureka News page.
Or go direct to ranges to see the individual figure details.

Very nice figures as always.
I believe that these figures have come out of Eureka's 300 Club (Eureka's custom model request system).  Have a look at what is in the system and register your interest with any of the concepts that take your fancy.....       .....Modern Australians.......

Peter Pig Order

My Peter Pig order of birthday goodies arrived today.

The most important part of the purchase was 3 Toyota Utilities for use as technicals.  I got one with high suspension and two with standard suspension.

I also picked up gunners for the Toyotas:

I also picked up some civilians
and looters
as part of the order.

Finally I hadn't been able to locate any sniper figures I was happy with, so I went with the ones from the Peter Pig Vietnam Range to try to get snipers for my Ambush Alley Games.  I think they should fit in pretty well.

Plenty more figures coming in over the next few weeks as I divest myself of my birthday money.

Stay Tuned.....

Tuesday 17 March 2009

More Good Tables

Whilst on the subject of good looking tables; check out this AAR by Piers (Ambush Alley Games In-House Painter™) on the Ambush Alley Forum : http://www.ambushalleygames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1269
A great table, and a great game of Ambush Alley.

Definitely worth a look!

Amazing Vietnam Table

From a post on the Firebase Coral blog, check out this amazing vietnam table:
and more:

Its very image intensive. I got terrain overload pretty quickly and just skimmed most.
I've go to go back and pay more attention to the detail.

Thursday 12 March 2009

More Painting

I'm back on the 15mm painting wagon again.
Last night I finished off the 15mm SAWs and Grenadier I need to complete my Ranger Chalk.
I've also done up some of the Peter Pig Shirtless Militia that I had from my original 15mm Ak47 project.

Now that all of the Rangers are done, I'll be focusing on my militiamen (mainly Cannon Fodder figures). So expect more pics.

There are a few figures that I'm saving up for once I'm back into the swing of painting 15s. I want to try to paint some up to represent some of the more outlandish clan militia. I'll leave that to your imagination at the moment......

6mm AK Game

Had a quick game of AK47 Republic in 6mm in January with a friend.
It wasn't the best of games - particularly as an introduction.
He was defending and only managed to roll for his group of technicals to come on to the table.

I had almost all of my force as the attacker. I figured it was going to be pretty one-sided.

It was! Unfortunately these were my last good rolls and his last poor rolls in the game.
The 4 technicals (reduced to 3 in the game) wiped out:

  • A Regular Tank
  • A professional force with APCs
  • One of two towed guns
  • Most of a militia force with trucks


Wednesday 4 March 2009

2009 - Year of 15mm

Last year saw a lot of focus on the 6mm space here at TMM.
Given that Ambush Alley are launching their Force on Force soon, and I've just ordered a whole heap of 15mm stuff from Peter Pig, I thought I'd declare it;

2009 - The Year of 15mm!

My big focus for this year is going to be pulling together and painting everything for Day of the Ranger scenarios. Painted figures, civilians, technicals, HMMWVs, buildings, arms caches, etc. A really nice looking table hopefully?

I'm also keen on doing some stuff for Under a Black Flag; in particular I'd like to do a scenario around the storming of an ocean-going vessel. One section of Keith Fennell's Warrior Brothers describes an SAS patrol embedded with the Navy patrolling Australian waters and the storming of an illegal fishing vessel.
The boat is going to be a difficult terrain piece.
Damn! Looks like Shawn has beaten me to it over at the AA forums....

Back Again

I'm back, baby!
The work on the house hasn't progressed as quickly as i hoped; work has been interfering and i've just started a new job this week. But I can't stay away from gaming forever, so we're back on again.

I've done a little bit of painting over the last week or so, so there will be some pics coming soon.

Also I had my birthday late last month, and I received some cash (the gift that keeps giving!) from family and friends. So my first port of call was to race out and get myself an Ambush Alley Special Operators Group membership.

I've also dropped some cash on some Peter Pig figures, most importantly Toyota Hiluxes for use as Technicals and some civilians for use in the game as well. Really looking forward to getting those in the mail.

The other BIG piece of Ambush Alley news is that Force-on-Force (the non-asymetric force rules) are going to be available later this month. Special Operators get first access and a discount, so get in quick! The rules will encompass WW2 through to the current day with modern and WW2 scenarios in the book.