Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Back Again

I'm back, baby!
The work on the house hasn't progressed as quickly as i hoped; work has been interfering and i've just started a new job this week. But I can't stay away from gaming forever, so we're back on again.

I've done a little bit of painting over the last week or so, so there will be some pics coming soon.

Also I had my birthday late last month, and I received some cash (the gift that keeps giving!) from family and friends. So my first port of call was to race out and get myself an Ambush Alley Special Operators Group membership.

I've also dropped some cash on some Peter Pig figures, most importantly Toyota Hiluxes for use as Technicals and some civilians for use in the game as well. Really looking forward to getting those in the mail.

The other BIG piece of Ambush Alley news is that Force-on-Force (the non-asymetric force rules) are going to be available later this month. Special Operators get first access and a discount, so get in quick! The rules will encompass WW2 through to the current day with modern and WW2 scenarios in the book.

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