Monday 19 January 2009


I've got to focus on some work around the house for the next few weeks which is going to prevent any further work on miniatures or blog updates during that time.
Once everything is done, however, we hope to have the "hobby room" set up, which should mean more painting and modelling!

Sunday 18 January 2009

Cannon Fodder Afghans

I recently purchased some more Cannon Fodder Africans and Afghans.
I've previously used the CF Africans, but I never had any of the Afghans.
Here area a couple of pictures with different light trying to pick out the detail.

The figures are quite nice.
My intention is to use them for Operation Enduring Freedom scenarios, and also for the earlier Russian occupation.
I have some QRF Russian Naval Infantry and BTRs (60, 70, 80) that I've wanted to use for a while.

The Comparison

Over Christmas/New Years I got some 40k from my brother and dug out some of my older stuff to assemble.
I just happened upon the comparison below, so I've taken a picture.

Left to Right we have; an old Eldar Guardian (the new ones are bigger!), a Battlefront Anti-Tank Rifle team, and some Irregular 6mm Modern US.

Or to put it another way (the increasingly inaccurately named) 28mm, (the creeping larger) 15mm and 6mm.

Man, those 6mm guys look small in comparison!

Saturday 17 January 2009

Christmas Loot Part 2

I also received this from my wife:

Can you say "lead-tastic?!?"
It's all the figures I need for my 6mm Flames of War British Para Company.
Painting ahoy!

Friday 16 January 2009

Christmas Loot Part 1

My awesome wife got me "dolls" for Christmas!
First up some 6mm Terrain from Irregular:

Pond with Trees

European Farmhouse set

European Village set



A big thanks to Nic at Eureka for taking care of her and making her first venture into miniature buying a very positive one!

Thursday 1 January 2009

6mm Weird War

I've just learnt about a new range being planned for release this year from MAJIC Miniatures.
They're releasing a Pulp World War II range.
More details at the site.
I'm quite excited about this.

In related news, my wonderful wife bought me a company of British Paratroops and a village and farm in 6mm for Christmas!  More news (and photos) soon.

Happy New Year!