Monday 19 November 2012

Heroics & Ros Confederate Infantry

Let me be up front... I know nothing about the American Civil War and I have no (current) interest in gaming it.
However some of the H&R Confederates have been recommended as good substitutes for figures in bush hats.  I'm not going to pass a verdict on that until I've had a chance to paint some up and see how it goes.  I am a big fan of the good variety of poses per strip in these though.
Here they are:

MACW6 - Confederate Infantry Skirmishing
Eight Infantry Strips, plus a Command Strip and Standard Bearer Strip.

Infantry Strip (8 per code)

Command Strip (1 per code)

Standard Bearers (1 strip per code)

MACW23 - Dismounted Confederate Cavalry
Nine Infantry Strips plus a command strip in the pack

Infantry Strip (9 per code)

Command Strip (1 per code)

Friday 16 November 2012

More Irregular Civilians

One of the things I like about Irregular is that they make civilian figures.  The Riot figures from the last post reminded me of a few more of these figures that I have at the moment.
Each of these shows the entire contents of the relevant code.  Click the images for larger versions.

VN21 - Vietnamese Civilians

CV9 - 18th Century Civilians

ME13 - Pilgrims/peasants
I though these may also have utility as Druids and Monks.

CV3 - Gladiators
A Lion, it's frightened victims, a Retiarius and a Secutor (I think?)

CWM5 - Florence Nightingale with nurse and wounded soldier

CV14 - Native porters

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Irregular Riot Range

While we're looking at moderns, here is a novel range from Irregular; their Riot range.
There's even a set of rules and they sell packs with rioting figures from different periods and the rules together.  I have never seen the rules, but here are the specific Riot figures:

SIR3 - Base of two mounted police (one base per code)

SIR2 - Base of two policemen (two bases per code)

SIR1 - Base of two rioters (two bases per code)

SIR4 - Reporter (2 per code) and SIR5 Camera Crew (2 per code)

I have a few ideas for these figures in the back of my mind that will hopefully (one day) see fruition...

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Irregular Modern Arabs

Continuing in a similar vein with Moderns, here are the codes from the Irregular Miniatures 6mm Modern Arab range.
As with the Afghan range, and most of the moderns these come with 3 bases per code.  I have only pictured two to give you a front and back view.  Click for larger versions.
I think that these could also be used as special forces (SAS, etc.) troops.

MAF66 - Arab Infantry Advancing

MAF67 - Arab Infantry Firing

MAF68 - 3 Arab Infantry with HMG

MAF69 - 3 Arab Infantry with Rocket

MAF70 - 3 Arab infantry with Mortar

MAF71 - 3 Arab Infantry HQ

Monday 12 November 2012

Irregular Modern Afghans

Since we did the H&R Modern Brits last, that I intend to use in Modern Afghanistan, I thought it might be worthwhile looking at the Irregular Modern Afghan Range.
Below are samples of the five codes available.

The pictures below show the front of one base and the back of another from the same code.  You get 3 bases per code.

MAF24 - Afghan HQ

MAF20 - Afghan Tribal Infantry

MAF23 - Afghan missile launchers

MAF22 - Afghan Mortars plus crew

MAF21 - Afghan Infantry with Rocket Launcher

Note that the Irregular Moderns are taller and bulkier than some of the other Irregular ranges and so don't blend well directly with H&R.  I've done the comparison earlier with the H&R US (below), but I haven't directly tried these against the Brit figures.

Thursday 8 November 2012

H&R M18 - Modern British Infantry In Action

Today we have the Heroics & Ros M18 Modern British Infantry in Action - New Helmets code.
The code consists of eight strips - four each of two types.
Standing  Infantry Strip - 4 per pack
Prone Infantry Strip - 4 per pack

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Romano British Elites

I decided to try to paint the Romano British Elite unit first up, as it has a uniformity that is easier to paint than the more rag-tag Levy units.
Here are my efforts:

It still needs a coat of clear lacquer to seal everything in but other than that, the unit is done.
You can click on the image for a larger version, but that's only going to show up my poor painting skills.
I'm reasonably happy with the grey undercoat approach, and I also experimented with "dipping" these figures as well, which turned out pretty well also.  I plan to put up a quick guide (more as an aide memoir for myself) on how I did these.  At table distance, I think they look very convincing.

As I SLOWLY get the rest of the units ready for MicroDux; I'll be putting them up here.

In the interim, I still have a vast number of detail shots, that I need to post, of predominantly Heroics & Ros and Irregular Miniatures figures and vehicles that I have sampled over the last 12 months looking for items for this project and other future projects.  So expect a rather eclectic mix of these as well...

Irregular WW2 Posh Pack

As a final item for the current push on World War 2 codes, I have below images of the contents of the Irregular Miniatures Posh Pack PP7 - WW2 Germans in mainly off duty poses.

A few quite useful figures here...
I particularly like the "gestapo-esque" figure on the end of the centre row.  He will definitely have a role as a villian in future.  I accidentally snapped the motorcyclist in the bottom row off his base, hence the block to hold him in place for the photo.  He'd gotten bent right over in transit.

Sunday 4 November 2012

H&R BR3 - British Paratroops

The BR3 - British Paratroops is another mixed infantry and weapons code similar to the German Paratroops code from Heroics & Ros.
This time we have:
  • 4 Infantry Strips,
  • 2 Mortar Strips, 
  • An Anti-Tank Gun and Crew, and
  • an MG Strip
Detailed pics of the individual strips are below.  Click on the images for larger versions.

MG Strip (1 per code)
On the right we have 3 Bren teams.  I'm not sure what the left-most team with the longer gun is?  I'm open to suggestions...

Anti-Tank Gun and Crew (1 per code)

Mortar team, with radio operator (2 strips per code)

Parachute Infantry (4 strips per code)
A mix of Rifles and Sten SMGs

Thursday 1 November 2012

H&R BR4 - 8th Army

The Heroics & Ros BR4 - 8th Army in Desert Dress is yet another "combo pack" containing a mix of standard infantry coupled with some supporting weapons.  And as you would expect of an 8th Army pack, everyone is wearing a rather fetching pair of shorts...

This time we have:

  • 4 Infantry Strips,
  • 1 Mortar Strips, 
  • 1 MG Strip
  • 1 Command/MG strip

Detailed pics of the individual strips are below.  Click on the images for larger versions.

MG Strip (1 per code)
Boys ATR team and three Bren teams

Command/MG Strip (1 per code)
Vickers MG Team, command figures and a radio operator

Mortar Strip (1 per code)
Engineer with a detector, and a mortar team

Infantry Strip (4 per code)
8 men with packs and weapons

Wednesday 31 October 2012

H&R Japanese Heavy Weapons

Like the British equivalent, the JR2 - Japanese Heavy Weapons code from Heroics & Ros consists of a Command strip with 3 Mortar strips and 3 MG strips.
Click the images for a more detailed view.
Mortar Strip
2-man light mortar team, 3-man medium mortar team, 4-man infantry gun team (Type 11?)
MG Strip
Prone LMG gunner, 3-man tripod-mounted HMG team, and an AA MG gunner.
I'm not 100% of the actual types here.
Command Strip
Mainly Officer types.