Thursday, 8 November 2012

H&R M18 - Modern British Infantry In Action

Today we have the Heroics & Ros M18 Modern British Infantry in Action - New Helmets code.
The code consists of eight strips - four each of two types.
Standing  Infantry Strip - 4 per pack
Prone Infantry Strip - 4 per pack


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of these guys. I've always wanted to see what they looked like.


    1. Glad you found them useful Chris!
      I know that Andy from H&R is slowly getting all his range painted up and photographed and into a gallery.
      I tend to find that because I semi-skirmish in 6mm that many manufacturer's pictures aren't quite detailed enough, even when they are available!
      I plan to use these in Iraq and Afghanistan games next year. Hoping to order the other modern brit codes from Andy before the end of the year if you're interested.